jerseys from china  Federation of Malaysian Supply Chain Industry Malaysia (FMSCI)

FMSCI’s Overview

Federation of Malaysian Supply Chain Industry Malaysia (FMSCI) was established by a group supply chain practitioners prompted by the need to elevate SCM practices in Malaysia. It was formed to demystify challenges faced by professionals responsible for managing supply chains in all sectors of the economy. FMSCI, aims to represent Malaysia’s Supply Chain and logistics with a mission to promote professionalism and excellence of the logistics industry
FMSCI, seeks to fulfill its objects in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies and professionals, institutions and academia, industry organisations and partners, government agencies as well as international organisations and businesses.


Equipping individuals, organisations and other stakeholders with knowledge, skills and standards in achieving excellence within the Supply Chain Management Profession.


To provide adequate information to all our stakeholders regarding supply chain management issues through advocacy, recognition, research, consultancy, training and development.


As the focus for professional excellence and the development of the most modern techniques in Supply Chain Management, the Federation aims to encourage the adoption of policies that are both efficient and sustainable.

Our paramount aim is :

  • to facilitate the development of personal and professional excellence in skills and knowledge.
  • to encourage the development of leading-edge thinking and best practice in logistics, supply-chains and all transport
  • to provide relevant and valued services to members and employers in transforming competitive advantage in the industry

Transformation of the Industry begins here.
Our Federation facilitates solutions

Our Services

Networking with Industry Leaders

Get connected with logistic industry, industry leaders and change-makers. The FMSCI hosts and facilitates events that provide supply chain practitioner the opportunity to grow, share and build valuable relationships.

  • Supply Chain and logistic workshop
  • Industry networking opportunities
  • Corporate Luncheons

Learning & Development

The FMSCI Training and Development team help supply chain industries of all sizes access specialized knowledge and industry-specific expertise in order to grow their business.

Combining their specialist skills in vocational education and development, with extensive supply chain and logistic industry experience, our trainers provide relevant and practical training solutions.

The FMSCI Training and Development team develop flexible and tailored training for employers and deliver accredited and non-accredited training to clients throughout Malaysia.

Consulting, Research & Advisory

Supply Chain Optimization &  Technology

This, being the traditional and existing strength of the Institute, it seeks to deepen expertise in supply chain global network design and optimization, involving the respective modes of transportation. Intensive supply network simulation on a regional/ international basis are continuously developed

FMSCI takes the lead on investigative led research and joint development of supply chain technology based innovation with other agencies and companies. Policy and implementation issues pertaining to new supply chain technology and the end-to-end supply chain network are introduced to our members

Our Activities

FMSCI organizes meetings, site visits, training and seminars which aims at providing a platform for sharing and enhancement of competition advantage.

FMSCI also assists tertiary institutes to organize courses aiming at enhancing management technology skills in supply chain and logistics field.  In meeting the needs of members and the field, FMSCI puts the professionalization and training of the practitioners in the field as top mission.

Latest Event

Majlis Berbuka Puasa (2018)
IMG-20180606-WA0088 (1)

Supply Chain Academy


Our vision is to be a premier supply chain and logistics knowledge provider with a global footprint and impact.


To provide individuals and industry with knowledge and skills to drive superior business results through the continuous development of the Supply Chain and Logistics profession

In 2015, the Logistics and Trade Facilitation Masterplan was designed by our EPU & MOT to provide guidelines and strategies to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the transport and trade facilitation mechanisms, to improve productivity of the freight logistics industry propelling Malaysia to be the Regional Gateway Hub for Asia by strengthening the human capital development and business efficiency strategies.


With the nation’s goal in developing the Logistics Industry, the acute need of skilled workforce and highly knowledgable logistics service providers are eminent.  In heeding this call by our nation, The Federation of Malaysian Supply Chain Industry (FMSCI) was incorporated to be the agent of catalyst in developing the logistics service providers whom are continuously looking for business development and organizational excellence via human capital development and technology enrichment and inclusion.


In taking account of this and to address the acute shortage of skilled and knowledgeable workforce to complement the ever increasing of demand in the supply chain, Federation of Malaysian Supply Chain Industry makes the timely entry to bridge the gap to empower the people thus excelling the logistics service providers to be better prepared. Therefore, our proposal in providing globally recognized professional certification training to equip the employees with the skill and knowledge in the logistic industry and also to move forward into a new era was well supported with the guidance of MOT.

We, FMSCI pledge to address the critical needs of the Industry and support the Industry’s Masterplan and other initiatives for the future of the logistics industry by:

  1. Upbringing the existing workforce with relevant skills and knowledge as required by the industry/sector thus increasing the professionalism and standards of the logistics service providers.
  2.  Reskill existing logistics industry’s workforce to be more digitally oriented thus creating more skilled personnel of IT centric professionals.
  3.  Illustrating the significance of digital technology in supply chain operations for increased productivity whilst increasing market penetration for business growth.
  4.  Redesigning the personal image of the sector for better and luring career development plans with presence of human capital development plans
  5. Rebuilding the logistics sector workforce in establishing the development and upskilling thus increasing the delivery and operational standards.
  6. Elevating the productivity and performance of logistics personnel for career growth and talent development for better marketability.


With this, FMSCI is ever committed in bringing the best and excelling the industry with local development participation by benchmarking against international best practices and seamless connectivity.

FMSCI’s Membership

Membership Benefits

Development of skills and knowledge that are focused on industry or sectors relating to Supply Chain and its sub-sectors
Participation in training and education programmes which is recognized globally and locally such as Oxford Business College, London, Yorke Institute of Australia and University Putra Malaysia .
Building the skills and productivity of the existing workforce and to be highly competitive
International and local networking opportunities with other professionals in the Federation
Opportunities for continuing education and development
Sharing ideas and knowledge with fellow professionals
Network of fellow professionals to link with people in similar positions and situation in the industry on best practices or business topics

FMSCI Council Members

The FMSCI Council is purely made up by Industry experts and professionals from the various sub sectors of the Supply Chain model i.e. Logistics, warehousing, transportation etc.  The Council is further facilitated with the experts from the Learning industry to focus on the industry needs in the areas of Human Capital Development and Business  Performance /Growth requirements to create a competitive, world class and performance driven industry players.
The FMSCI’s Council takes precedence of the member’s interest by spearheading the member’s acute need of support in the areas of talented workforce, business excellence benchmarking and business growth tools for future excellence.

Contact Us

Federation of Malaysian Supply Chain Industry Malaysia (FMSCI)

117B, 2nd Floor, Persiaran Pegaga,
Bayu Perdana, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

TEL: +603 8320 8251
FAX: +603 8320 8001
HP:  +6014 614 9087


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